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20th March 2013
Last Chance to Buy

4th July 2012
New PIR Sensor

16th March 2012
Ultra Miniature Surface Mount Light Sensor

October 1st 2011
New Waterproof Switches

May 4th 2009
Chartland Celebrates 30th

April 29th 2009
Tiny Press Fit Lens for TO5 Pyrosensors

January 1st 2009
CO2 Detection Module

Welcome to the Chartland Electronics website.

This small family company, established in 1979, operates an open and straightforward approach to component marketing within the specialised field of electro-optics and particularly targeting the security industry.

Every product in our range is reliably consistent in quality and performance. Our carefully selected sources are the world’s finest manufacturers in their respective fields; noted for large production capacity, consistency and dramatic advances in technology. Their ongoing investment in research and development enables Chartland to bring to you FIRST, new, refined and revolutionary components to suit your production needs.

NOTE: With the exception of CdS cells ALL of our products are RoHS & REACH Compliant.